NLA Rent Protect

NLA Rent Protect FAQs

How do I purchase NLA Rent Protect?
NLA Rent Protect is sold via this website, NLA Tenant Check. You can purchase it at the same time as a tenant check or if you prefer, wait until you get the results of your tenant check before purchasing.

When you place an order for a tenant check you will be asked if you would like to add Rent Protect to your order. Alternatively, if your tenant check is successful then you will be able to purchase the policy from your list of completed tenant checks.
Do I have to order an NLA Tenant Check?
Yes, before you are able to purchase an NLA Rent Protect policy you will need to purchase either a full or a basic check from this site. If you order a full check then the report must contain an 'Agreed' result.

You must have:
  • copies of two forms of identification, one of which must contain a photograph
  • either a Basic NLA Tenant Check showing no County Court Judgements in the immediate preceding three years and no outstanding County Court Judgements OR a Full NLA Tenant Check with a pass rating
If you choose to order a Basic NLA Tenant Check only then you will also need a written employer's reference confirming salary level and that the Tenant or Guarantor (if applicable) is in current and permanent employment. Confirmed salary must be at least two and a half times the monthly Rent. If the Tenant(s) or Guarantor(s) are not in full time employment or does not earn sufficient then a full check should be completed and any recommendations contained within the full check report should be met.

Do I have to check every tenant?
You must have a valid NLA Tenant Check for each person named on the tenancy agreement in order for the policy to be valid. We advise that any person who is to reside at the property is added to the tenancy agreement.
Can I discuss the policy features, benefits and exclusions before I purchase?
Yes, for pre-sales advice please contact the NLA Rent Protect support line on 01603 649745 or email
I have purchased NLA Rent Protect but haven't received the policy. What should I do?
This is sent by email at the point of purchase. Please first check that the email has not been sent to your spam/junk mail folder. If you have not received the documents then please call 0843 227 2462 and ask for copies to be sent to you.
My tenant has a CCJ, can I still insure the rent?
If your prospective tenant(s) has CCJ data or any other credit history problems then a full NLA Tenant Check must be carried out on all tenants and a suitable guarantor. Depending on the level of adverse credit history and other factors it may then be possible to obtain cover. For further advice please contact the NLA Tenant Check helpdesk on 01227 250048 or email
Can I cancel my NLA Rent Protect Policy?
You have the right to cancel the Policy at any time. If You send notice in writing within 14 days of receiving the Policy then you will receive a full refund of the premium. This is called the “cooling off period”. If You cancel at any other time, any refund of the premium or a proportion of it will be at our discretion. For full details please refer to the policy documentation.

To cancel your policy please email including details of purchase date, rental property address, and landlord name.
How do I notify a claim on my Rent Protect Policy?
To obtain legal advice, notify us of a claim or to obtain an update on a current claim please contact the insurer on 0843 2272 462.
What support do I have?
NLA Rent Protect has a dedicated client support team on hand to answer any questions you may have about our policies.

T: 01603 649745